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Dear Members and Friends:

Nearly 75 years ago, in September 1935, a group of artists in
Morristown met and formed the Morristown Art Association, which
later became the
Morris County Art Association.  In 1956 the
group purchased "The Studio," a historic carriage house at 10
Catherine Lane.  Its care has been entrusted to its members over
all of these years.  Each generation has passed the keys to the
next, imparting them with the nonprofit business of "The Studio."

Since that time, MCAA has been continuing the mission of its
founders by providing quality visual fine art classes and exhibitions
for adults and youth.  "The Studio" continues to be a wonderful
place to meet, to teach, and to learn to create works of art.

Our Board of Directors is requesting new names for
nominations to board
positions and members for various
committees.  We are looking for people who have art at heart, and
who are willing to share a little of their time for the sake of keeping
art in our community.  Kindly complete the
Profile Request Form
and mail it to MCAA.

Thank you for your membership and your efforts towards keeping
Morris County Art Association available in good, sound shape for
us and future generations of artists.  This is
your association.  
Come forward--make a difference!

Yours truly,

Victoria Starger, President

Board of Directors:
Peter Lemmo
Ida McManus
Michael Shacham
Jim Sullivan
Rick Tracy

This information will remain in the confidential files of the Board and will be updated annually.

NAME __________________________________________________        DATE _____________________

HOME ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE _____________________________     CELL PHONE ______________________________

E-MAIL _______________________________________________________________________________

TITLE OF POSITION ____________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS OF BUSINESS _________________________________________________________________

Would you like your mail sent to your home or business?_________________________________________

When did you join the Morris County Art Association? ___________________________________________

Would you be interested in joining the Board of Directors? _______________________________________

Would you be interested in joining one of our Committees? ______________________________________

List other nonprofit and or/business board affiliations, past and present ____________________________


List other skills, talents and expertise _______________________________________________________


___Fundraising                                      ___Proofreader                                   ___Building & Maintenance

___Youth Exhibits                                  ___ Publicity                                        ___Art Instructor's Assistant
___Exhibitions for Adult Members          ___Annual Outdoor Festival                ___Life Class Monitor   

___Gallery Sitter                                    ___Highschool Scholarship                 ___Phone

___Open House                                     ___Volunteer Coordinator                   ___Bookkeeping

___Hospitality (refreshments)                 ___Garden                                          ___Newsletter

___Museum Trips Planner
                    ___Participate as a Board Member        

If you see a need that we have not identified, or if you have a skill that would benefit or enhance "The
Studio" please list it below.




Please print this page to fill out the form.  Completed request forms may be left at "The Studio."  Or if you
prefer to mail your completed request form, please print this page and remit via mail to:

Morris County Art Association
Attention Membership
10 Catherine Lane
Morristown, NJ  07960




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